Hello world!

Google +, Twitter, Facebook, Storify, Glogster, Spresent, ScreenToaster, Jing, Ning.

Web 2.0 tools have clouded my brain. I guess this should be expected since I am one of the new Instructional Technology Integration Specialists. So many cool things that I’m struggling to wrap my brain around where to start. The ideas that I’m finding to integrate into our secondary classrooms are phenomenal. I want to just dive right in and start working with teachers and students, but know that my team and I need to start getting the ground work laid if we want to be successful.

I feel like one of the most important steps for me is to utilize every piece (okay, so a lot of pieces because I still need a semi-normal life) of Web 2.0 technology that I can so I am able to demonstrate to staff, students and the community why technology integration is so important to enhance a student learning.

My goals for this first year:

1. Become a Google Certified Teacher

2. Create a professional learning community with professionals around the world

3. Actually get to know some of the real people involved in that professional learning community

4. Run a book study or online Web 2.0 professional development course for our district

5. To attend as many tech conferences as my district will allow

6. To obtain any training that my district is going to send me to/provide for me

7. To help make the push for 1-1 computing in our district and get it up and running