Restructuring (Also known as…Why My Brain Never Stops!)

In a previous post, I stated that my boss had retired and that we now had a new boss and were also trying to hire our fourth technology integration specialist. After much discussion, and then a bit more discussion, and maybe just a little bit more discussion, the conclusion was made to not hire another technology integration specialist, but to restructure our curriculum department.

I was a bit apprehensive at first, not knowing how colleagues would take this. However, the idea has gone over so well! When we restructured, we ‘assigned’ each one of our curriculum and technology specialists a group of teachers in departments and then administrators to work with. Instead of our curriculum leaders and those of us that were technology leaders being separate, we are all Instructional Coaches now.

The departments that I will be working with are all grades 6-12 Fine Arts and our CTE departments (Business Ed, Tech Ed, and Family and Consumer Ed). I couldn’t be more thrilled! I have an amazing group of staff members that all have such real-world skills and applications to teach the students in the CTE department. Okay, so I might be biased since I was a Business Ed teacher prior to this role. And then, to top it off, I have this unbelievable Fine Arts department to work with. I’m in awe of Fine Arts teachers and what they can do with those students. The fact that they can take a student who has never touched an instrument and then work with them to enhance their skills to truly touch an audience with their music and art.

With the restructured coaching positions, these departments will come to me first and from there if I’m not able to help them, I’ll grab one of my curriculum coach colleagues to help me out. Also with our restructuring, we were able to hire another K-5 Instructional Coach, which is always very exciting to have more help available at the K-5 level.

The overall point of the restructured positions is this: to be more focused and streamlined. Each of the coaches are working with departments they are familiar with and comfortable with. Every staff member now knows exactly who to contact instead of it being a guessing game at times depending on the type of question that was asked. We are more focused and ready to dive into curriculum and assessments with our staff.

Here’s to the upcoming new school year, new changes, and moving forward.



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