My Favorite Math Web Sites

As I stated in my last post, I have delved into the land of Common Core Math Curriculum. I have spent roughly one hundred hours sifting through countless web sites, interactive games, manipulations, lesson plans, etc. that would meet the needs to teachers to help them address each standard of the Common Core Math Curriculum for grades Kindergarten thru Eighth Grade.

For years, I’ve been telling my colleagues, family, and friends that “I am not a math person.” Boy, was I wrong. I have 100% fallen in love with the math curriculum. Everything I see now, I try to figure out how I could turn it into a math lesson. So much that my four year old son has to tell me to “Stop teaching mom.”

I’m hoping that this upcoming year that maybe I’ll have the chance to team teach with a math teacher, but we’ll see how things shake out as our district is adding and moving around positions.

The websites listed below are the favorites that I have found.

Dan Meyer’s 101 Questions

I just want you to know that I have no idea who Dan Meyer actually is. However, I am fascinated with this man. His website 101 Questions looks like this.

The site has videos and images that ask you to answer “What’s the first question that comes to your mind?” I was hard pressed to come up with a question that didn’t involved math somehow. This site would be a wonderful start to class or an exit ticket. It’s a great way to get students to think about math in life and not just for a worksheet.

Dan Meyer also has a wonderful blog that you can follow. His TED talk was inspirational!

Real World Math –

The Real World Math site has phenomenal resources! The projects and lessons that you will find on the site are actual real world problems that students may encounter in their life. The site also boasts many videos and tutorials on how to use the technology they mention.

Sum Dog –

Sum Dog happens to be one of my all-time favorite sites. Hands down. With Sum Dog, you can create an account for your class and your school. Students can work through math lessons, compete in challenges or competitions that you set individually or as teams. They can compete against students from just your school or worldwide. The best part? You can set the exact standards or facts that each student needs to work on! 100% differentiation is possible. For $2/student, you can get in-depth reports. I’ve always just used the free version and monitored a lot. There are ten different levels ranging from Level 1 (ordering numbers, etc.) to Level 10 (working with equations and expressions). Great site for Grades 1-8.

Sheppard Software

I found Sheppard Software when I was working with a math intervention group a few years ago. For whatever reason, this site has stuck by my side and only gained more love from me. The simplicity of the site is perfect. The topics range in the categories in the image below. There are several  games under each topic and each topic is narrowed down even more. The algebra and geometry games always made my students really stop and think.

Honorable Mentions:

There you have it – my favorite math sites so far. As I continue to dig, I’m sure I will find many more as well and will continue to share. #mathchat on Twitter always has an abundance of wonderful resources for you to peruse as well.


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